Mexican Crab Coctel

Crab & spices we know are a memorable combination, this cooling Gazpacho is very common street food in Mexico with numerous seafood and spiked with tequila which adds a racy Latin twist. Great fiesta food for the summer enjoy!
Mexican Crab Coctel

Ingredients and Methods

Crab Cocktail


- 100ml gazpacho – see recipe
- 10ml Best quality tequila
- Tortilla chips or fried plantain or sweet potato chips
- 1 large peeled very ripe avocado
- Tomatoe salsa –see recipe
- 1 bunch of coriander
- 1 bunch washed coriander leaves shredded
- Pinch of salt
- Generous pinch of cumin
- 1 Lime  juiced
- 150g hand-picked freshly cooked  crab,mud ,spanner or blue swimmer crab
- 1 pnt micro coriander leaves
- 4 tbspns extra virgin olive oil


1. Prepare your gazpacho and crab a day in advance. 
2. Peel, stone avocados and crush them with a fork.  Add some of your tomatoe salsa (see Recipe below) to a thick guacamole consistency add the coriander leaves, cumin, lime juice & seasoning.  Refrigerate till required.
3. Take a deepish glass and place a large tablespoon of avocado mix in the centre of the glass Carefully top with fresh crab meat pour around some gazpacho, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.  Now spoon a little salsa over the crab, sprinkle micro coriander, serve with tortilla chips.



- 10 Roma tomatoes roughly chopped
- 1 continental cucumbers cut in 4
- 1 red onions roughly chopped
- 3 red capsicums roughly chopped
- 1 small clove garlic – finely grated
- ½ jalepeno
- ½ birdseye chilli
- 50 ml tequila
- 3 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
- 5 teaspoons cabernet sauvignon vinegar
- 1 bunch of Oregano
- 1 tsp salt
- Freshly ground pepper


1. Juice or blend all ingredients
2. Blend the juice with vinegar, tequila ,extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper with a hand held blender; adjust seasoning, chill until required.
3. Pass & serve.

Tomatoe Salsa


- 8 ripe plum tomatoes diced
- 1 bunch of coriander well washed &chopped
- 1 smll red onion finely diced
- 2 jalapeno chilies finely chopped 
- 50 ml evoo
- Juice of 2 limes
- Pinch of salt &sugar

1. Combine all ingredients 1 hour before serving.

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