Soft Tacos with Prawns, Green Mango, Jicama and Fragrant Herb

Fresh tacos are so much better than store bought tacos and once you have the ingredients very easy to make. Jicama is a member of the water chestnut family and available at Asian greengrocers as are green mangoes.
Soft Tacos with Prawns, Green Mango, Jicama and Fragrant Herb

Ingredients and Methods

Fresh or store bought soft Tortilla (see recipe)
Soft tacos x2
Diced chilli, garlic & oregano marinated tiger prawn cutlets
Tinned Chipotle in Adobe sauce (available at Spanish or Mexican delicatessens)
Pinch of sugar, squeeze of lime
Julienne of Jicama or celeriac
Julienne of green mango
Red onion finely sliced
Kumatto tomatoes sliced
Purple basil
Mint & julienne lime leaves
Slices of ripe mango
6 Limes squeezed

Makes 12
Prep time 20 mins, cooking time 15 mins (plus resting)
360 gm (2 cups) masa flour (see note)

1     Place flour in a bowl with a pinch of salt, and then add 250ml warm water.
2     Mix with your hands to soft pliable dough (2 minutes), adding more water or flour if necessary.
3     Form into a ball, cover with plastic wrap or a damp tea towel and rest for at least 20 minutes.
4     Divide dough into 16 and roll each piece into a ball.
5     Line a tortilla press (see note) with two squares of baking paper, cut to fit.
6     Working with one ball at a time, press gently but firmly in press to form a thin disc, then set aside on paper.
7     Heat a dry Comal or pan over medium-high heat, peel baking paper from tortilla (be careful, it's fragile) and cook tortilla, turning twice, until lightly browned (30 seconds on each side). Repeat with remaining tortillas.
8     Stack cooked tortillas in a basket lined with a tea towel as you go and rest to steam gently and soften slightly (3 minutes).

Note Masa flour is available from Asian and other select grocers and The Essential Ingredient. Tortilla presses and comal griddles are available online from Monterey Mexican Foods

To serve
1)    Mix all your salad ingredients don't dress at this stage
2)    For the Adobe sauce simply liquidize contents adjust seasoning & balance with a pinch of sugar & lime juice, NB this genuinely a very hot sauce use carefully
3)    Heat a non-stick frying pan with splash of oil. Season the prawns with pinch of salt
4)    Quickly sear the prawns for I minute, drain on absorbent paper
5)    Clean the non-stick pan brush with oil and heat gently. Once hot grill each taco as required, whilst the tacos are pan grilling, toss the salad with olive oil & lime juice
6)    Place a spoonful of Guacamole in each taco, drizzle with Adobe chipotle sauce, top with the warm cooked prawns
7)    Top each taco with a large pinch of salad & serve

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